A definition of sovereignty

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What does the phrase “God is sovereign” really mean?

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This is the introductory of the doctrine of affected sovereignty and is quite seen as the fundamental ways of the Facts constitution. Define sovereignty. sovereignty synonyms, sovereignty pronunciation, sovereignty translation, English dictionary definition of sovereignty.

n. pl. sov·er·eign·ties 1. Supremacy of authority or rule as exercised by a sovereign or sovereign state. 2. Royal rank, authority, or power.

3. legal Definition of sovereign: a person or political entity (as a nation or state) possessing or held to possess sovereignty the doctrine that a sovereign could not be sued without its consent was universal in the States when the Constitution was drafted.


Define sovereignty. sovereignty synonyms, sovereignty pronunciation, sovereignty translation, English dictionary definition of sovereignty. n. pl. sov·er·eign·ties 1. Supremacy of authority or rule as exercised by a sovereign or sovereign state.


2. Royal rank, authority, or power. 3. If you were to look up the word sovereign in the dictionary, you would find words like superior, and greatest, but the way I like to define God’s sovereignty best is simply to say, “God is in control.”.

Kids Definition of sovereignty 1: supreme power especially over a political unit (as a country) 2: a country's independent authority and right of self-control. as parts of the same sovereignty, the states should not enact laws intended to harm one another economically Recent Examples of sovereignty from the Web This arrangement is a nod to the principle of national sovereignty in climate diplomacy.

A definition of sovereignty
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