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List of Fokker F27 operators

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Sep 07,  · Company Overview of Fokker Bombardier Commercial Aircraft announced that it has strengthened its Bombardier Smart Parts program by appointing Fokker Services BV as its Authorized Service Location: Hoeksteen 40 Hoofddorp, MS Netherlands.

Fokker E.III

Fokker services We are an integrated, knowledge based services organisation collaborating with manufacturers, owners and operators of aircraft in the continued competitive operation of their fleet by increasing technical dispatch reliability (TDR) and enhance passenger comfort while reducing direct operating cost (DOC).

Fokker Services still holds all original equipment manufacturer (OEM) approvals and certificates and can thus offer more than traditional maintenance companies can.

This complete Fokker service during the entire lifecycle of an aircraft secures existing clients and ensures future revenue. The Fokker was the main variant of the Eindecker (literally meaning "one deck") fighter aircraft of World War I.

It entered service on the Western Front in December and was also supplied to Austria-Hungary and case-vacanze-bologna-centro.comts: Fokker E.I - Fokker Thanks you for your interest in AIRDROME AEROPLANES 3/4 scale flying replica kits. Our aircraft cover a wide range of historical aviation.

From the most recognized aircraft to have ever flown in W.W. I (the scarlet red FOKKER TRIPLANE flown by the Red Baron, Manfred Von Richthofen's most famous mount) to the most technologically advanced aircraft to come from he great war effort, the FOKKER D. The Fokker 50 is a turboprop-powered airliner, designed as a refinement of and successor to the highly successful Fokker F27 Fokker 60 is a stretched freighter version of the Fokker Both aircraft were manufactured and supported by Dutch aircraft manufacturer Fokker.

The Fokker 50 was developed during the early s following a decline in the sales of the company's earlier.

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