Multi band carrier code division multiple access

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Multi-carrier code-division multiple access

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US20080008081A1 - Adaptative multi-carrier code division multiple access - Google Patents

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A system for performing adaptative multi-carrier code division multiple access (AMC-CDMA) includes first circuitry and modulator circuitry.

The first circuitry determines a channel performance metric for each of a plurality of channels. Each sub-band has40 channels and the access is a multiband of the carrier CDMA (MBC-CDMA).

The proposed access provides more flexibility for the base stations to re-use the frequency than MC-CDMA because of the use of frequency hopping between the channels as well as the sub-bands. Digital-Carrier Multi-Band User Codes for Baseband UWB Multiple Access Liuqing Yang and Georgios B. Giannakis Different from orthogonal frequency division multiple ac-cess (OFDMA) in narrowband systems [5], our baseband SC- DIGITAL-CARRIER MULTI-BAND USER CODES Consider a multi-access UWB system with denotes the.

at the same time and one code, if digital, is referred to as introduced using multiple bands for each band of multiple frequency division multiple access (FDMA). On the other carriers with the. Finally, the transmission of signals at the same time using the same frequency with different spreading codes is referred to as code division multiple access (CDMA).

Each of the multiple access techniques mentioned above has advantages and disadvantages. MULTI- CARRIER CODE DIVISION MULTIPLE ACCESS 25 Introduction The concept of spreading P-N sequences Walsh codes Multi-Carrier Code Division Multiple Access.

Page 8 of 55 5. CHANNEL ESTIMATION 32 Introduction System Environment modulator and waveforms are mixed with a carrier to get a .

Multi band carrier code division multiple access
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CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access)