There is worth in saving earth

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GEOL 105: Earth Lab: Is the Earth Worth Saving?

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What is the point of saving endangered species?

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But few are looking to do so. May 23,  · We can't save the Earth. The Earth is going to die. It won't be for billions of years, but the end is indeed coming (yes, religious fanatics, your day will come). Is it worth worrying about it all?

Sure, it will be sad if there aren't any more cute pandas on the planet, but it's not like we depend on them. There Is Worth In Saving Earth Caoimhe Gillin 11/3/13 – English Humans are worth saving The world is a crazy place and has evolved from so little, into a gigantic world This world is full of amazing technology, the works of creative minds, and good people.

The human race is worth saving, any animal kind is worth saving really. I think we should try harder to preserve life for all creatures, not just the humans on this earth. Just because they do not talk and act the way we do does not make them any less important.

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Nov 09,  · What on Earth Is Worth Saving. By Jake Morrill. November 9, Share on Facebook; Share on Twitter; That there’s some good in this world, Mr.


We Can't Save The Earth

And it’s worth fighting for. Wondering how much could be traced back to carelessness. Wondering how many lives are at risk —and how on earth we will live. In the Book of Esther Author: Jake Morrill.

There is worth in saving earth
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